We're Renovating!

We're Renovating!
March 28, 2022


We are thrilled to announce that we began renovations here at Norwell Veterinary Hospital in January 2022! Renovations will continue throughout 2022. 
Norwell Veterinary Clinic has gone through many changes over the years but our core mission remains the same: to provide our patients with the highest quality of care possible. The newly renovated space will better support our ability to provide this high standard of care!
The hospital will have four additional exam rooms (on top of our original six) which will allow for smoother appointment transitions and shorter wait times. Geriatric and painful pets will now be seen in an exam room "inches from the curb" to help prevent that long walk across the lobby floor. The linoleum tiles will be replaced by pet-friendly flooring to help prevent those paws from slipping during their visit. Our feline-friendly area not only remains but has been expanded to help ease any stress for our cat patients.
Our treatment room area will boast a new surgery suite, dental suite, and imaging center for both x-rays and ultrasounds. We will have a designated area for both acupuncture and laser therapy patients that will allow them to receive their treatments in a comfortable, calm space. Our new microscope and lab equipment allows for same-day results that can even be shared with our clients. 
Elevating our level of technology and improving flow were two of our main goals as the hospital designs were drafted. Everything from filling out a "new client form" to our phone answering service to our check-in and check-out processes has been thoroughly dissected and improved upon. We're excited to share what we've come up with. 
COVID has kept us from seeing your faces for too long.  We thank you for allowing us to stretch that curbside period even longer while we complete our hospital renovation. 

Check out some photos of our renovation progress so far!

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